Thursday, February 5, 2015

Measles and such

A news report today where the reporter said that parents had the right to know how many of the students were in compliance with vaccinations... He didn't state that it was his opinion, but a parent's right.

This is what is so scary about this whole vaccine thing... It allows someone with a majority opinion to demand from a minority.

Before I go any further, let me say that I'm NOT against required vaccination for entrance into public school.  But let's have a reality check here.  What brought this all on was an "outbreak" of measles that was traced back to Disneyland.  From that, there have been some in the MSM that have labeled this an "epidemic".  They (including Fox News) have also demonized those who don't want to unnecessarily vaccinate their children as "anti-science".  Some reminders:

1.  If you have your kids vaccinated, there is no risk to your kids.... PERIOD.  If you think this is not the case, then you really don't have as much confidence in vaccines as you would like everyone to believe.

2.  100 cases is NOT an epidemic... Neither is 1000 cases... etc.

3.  A liberal estimate of the number of deaths per 1000 cases is 3!  This includes third world countries that have no medicine, nutrition, etc.

4.  There has not been a death due to measles in North America in MANY, MANY years.

5.  Measles used to be considered a normal childhood disease (Rubella was the exception).  All children had measles.

6.  In 2008, both candidates Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton came out against forced vaccination.  Today, it is mostly " the Left" that has come out against forced vaccination, but the MSM continue to state that it is a problem for the GOP and "the Right".

IMO, this has more to do with the Federal govt wanting more and more control over individuals lives.

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