Monday, January 26, 2015

Proverbs 26

I missed P&P this morning, but was reading the Proverbs today... Proverb 26 is the P&P reading this morning.

It has always struck me with these verse, how it builds.  For the most part, the Proverbs seem to be disjoined at times, but Proverbs 26 is more cohesive.

Starting in verse 1, it tells us how bad a self-confident fool is and continues on through verse 11.  Nothing is worse that a self-confident fool...

Except, in verse 12 it tells us that a conceited, "wise in his own eyes" man is worse than a self-confident fool.  As we read the first 12 verses, we get the impression that a self-confident fool is the worst of the worst, but one thing is worse... the conceited, self-described wise man... except that is not the worse.

We start reading at 13 and the verses following and we find out that the lazy man is not only lazy, but a fool and is more conceited and "wiser in his own eyes" than seven men!  He is the worst, "bottom of the barrel" man!  Don't be like him!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We say, "Duh!"

In a major "Duh!" moment, the Senate Democrats forced a vote on a bill that they hoped would embarrass the Senate Republicans.  The Senate voted 98 to 1 that "climate change" was real and not a hoax.   Evidently, Democrats believe their own rhetoric, that is, say one thing and everyone believes it... say another and everyone switches.  We have gone from coming Ice Age, to Global Warming, to Climate Change, to Extreme Climate Events.

For the record, EVERYONE BELIEVES IN CLIMATE CHANGE.  What we don't believe in is the garbage that won Al Gore a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, and in the speech he gave at the time where he said that the Arctic Ice "could melt within seven years."  What we don't believe is Anthropological Global Warming (AGW).  We don't believe in Michael Mann's "hockey stick."

Link to story: Senate Agrees That Climate Change is Real, but Can’t Agree on What’s Causing It