Thursday, May 9, 2013

Janie's Got a Gun (Part 2)...

We had dinner with some friends and a couple said that their son was now dating a young lady from Texas. When they were going to meet her, they decided that they had better temper their speech, " talking about politics, nor the NRA..."

I said, "You shouldn't be talking bad about the NRA anyway."

To which the woman replied, "Well, I am a full-fledged Communist so you can go ahead an start hating me..."

I was kind of taken aback by all of this, so as they continued their conversation and catching up, I was trying to digest all of the info. "How could a 'communist' be a Christian..." I thought.

Then out of the blue, the woman used the illustration of how you have to lead your aim on a duck before you shoot it.

I said, "Wait a minute! How do you shoot a duck without a gun?" (I was even ignoring the fact that she assumed that everyone should know how to hunt ducks.) "How can you talk bad about the NRA if you are a duck hunter?"

She smiled and said that her dad had taught her to duck hunt.

Color me "confused" with all of that liberal thinking.

We did inform her about Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander, though.  Maybe she can get a sense of why other people might use guns.

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