Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sounds like Timothy McVeigh to me...

Today on the news was a story about the RCMP investigating an 11th floor apartment in Vancouver area. They found drugs, money, weapons, and dynamite and had to evacuate the building. The dynamite was in a crystallized state, rendering the explosives "unstable".

Maybe we should have stricter "gun control" laws up here. Oh wait...

This is not something that you are likely to see in Tennessee.

Reference: Burnaby RCMP evacuate apartment building after dynamite, bombs found; drugs and weapons also seized 

Update #1

On this evening's news, there was a story about the RCMP arresting a young man with a cache of weapons.
In total, 13 rifles and handguns were seized along with more than 2000 rounds of ammunition. 
Police say 20 bullet clips had been illegally modified to hold up to 30 rounds. 
"Anyone who has a supply of firearms of this nature, it's certainly very serious when these circumstances come to light," says RCMP Constable Kris Clark. 
David Michael Toneff, 33, is charged with 25 gun offenses.
Reference: Disturbing firearms seizures in Kelowna

Update #2

There was also a report of a homicide that was originally thought to be a car accident.  A couple had presumably driven their car into a condo, but upon investigation, it is thought that the couple were dead at the time of impact. A male was seen living the scene of the accident.

Reference: West Kelowna double murder

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