Monday, February 11, 2013

Janie's Got a Gun...

Last night, the family heard a police (that is, the RCMP) siren yelping every 5 minutes or so. Upon inspection, we decided that they suspected someone had broken through the fence to the complex across the road. While we didn't really think that it posed any danger, we did lock the doors and secured the windows.

Later, as we prepared for bed, the subject was again brought up. Here we were, three fairly defenseless people, trying to figure out just how to defend ourselves just in case someone did break in.

"I have a baseball bat in the bedroom that [my father-in-law got]!"

"You guys both have canes! Don has spikes on the bottom of his [used for gripping the ice]!"

Granted that we were joking, but can you imagine being alone, elderly, and the only thing that you had to defend yourself against an armed intruder was a baseball bat?

One thing that can be said is that if we were in Tennessee, we wouldn't have to worry about defending ourselves.


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