Monday, January 21, 2013

Donkey Basketball...

"I have been all over 'the States' and the only people that are different are the Southerners. My son lives in San Diego, and he says that it is just like living in Canada. I used to live across from Buffalo, NY and there is very little difference. We even TALK THE SAME. Now we are not like the Southerns."
This a claim that my friend John had made last week. Of course, I laughed at him (to myself). Canadians, generally speaking, call Americans "arrogant" as they are telling us how to vote, what to think and all the problems with our Constitution (think '2nd Amendment' here).

Sunday, I saw my friend John again. I had to tell him the story about Lou and I going across the border on Friday.  A local high school was having a fund raiser... a donkey basketball game. I had asked Lou if she had ever been to one, and she replied, "I don't even know what that is!" I continued by saying to John that I can go across the border, just two hours from our house, and talk about barbeque (pork OR beef), homecoming football games, donkey basketball, etc., but none of my friends in Canada have ever had that experience or even know what I am talking about. Then I asked him if he had ever heard of donkey basketball. (If you are Canadian, remember that YouTube and Google are your friends). Needless to say, he didn't know.

John then proceeded to tell me a story of his visit to Georgia. He went into a bar and struck a conversation with one of the local residents. After a bit, the local asked him where he was from. "You don't even sound like a Yankee!" (John explained that he meant, "northerner"... LOL). John explained to him that he was a north of "Yankee".

I guess Canadians aren't as much like Yankees as they think that they are.

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